List of Banks in Dubai, UAE

Dubai Banks: The Financial Powerhouse of the Middle East

Dubai, the largest city of the United Arab Emirates, stands as one of the prominent financial centers in the region. Recognized for its modern infrastructure, business opportunities, and strategic location in global trade, Dubai’s banks have become key players with substantial impact on both the region’s and the world’s economy. Here’s an in-depth look at Dubai banks:


Dubai banks play a vital role in contributing to the economic development of both the region and the world. With their ability to adapt to modern technology, cater to a global customer base, and provide diverse financial products, Dubai banks will continue to hold a significant position in the financial world.

Characteristics of Dubai Banking

Dubai hosts a range of national and international banks catering to the financial needs of millions of people and companies worldwide. While these banks might have different characteristics, they generally share the following features:

1. Diversity and Global Reach: Dubai serves as a meeting point for individuals and corporations from around the world. Consequently, Dubai banks cater to a broad international customer base. Foreign investors, businessmen, and ordinary individuals can address their needs through the extensive range of financial products and services offered by Dubai banks.

2. Technological Innovation: Dubai is a rapidly advancing city in adopting and utilizing technological innovations. The banking sector is also at the forefront of embracing these innovations. Online banking, digital payments, mobile applications, and AI-based services allow Dubai banks to offer enhanced services to customers.

3. Privacy and Security: Dubai banks prioritize customer privacy and financial security. These banks diligently adhere to international financial regulations to safeguard customer information and ensure the security of financial transactions.

Prominent Dubai Banks:
Several local and international banks operate in Dubai. Here are some notable Dubai banks:

List of Top Banking – Corporate Companies in Dubai

List of Top Banking Corporate Companies in Dubai1. Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD): CBD is a leading bank in Dubai, offering a wide range of financial services to individuals and businesses, including banking, trade, and treasury services.

2. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB): ADCB is a prominent bank in Abu Dhabi, providing banking solutions, wealth management, and corporate banking services in the UAE.

3. Standard Chartered Bank – UAE: Standard Chartered operates in the UAE with services spanning personal and business banking, wealth management, and international banking.

4. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) – UAE: ICBC’s UAE branch offers comprehensive banking services, including trade finance, investment banking, and treasury services to facilitate Sino-Arab trade.

5. HSBC – UAE: HSBC is a globally recognized bank operating in the UAE, offering retail, corporate, and investment banking services to clients.

6. Arab Bank PLC – Jordan: Arab Bank is a Jordan-based financial institution with a presence in the UAE, providing banking services across the Middle East.

7. First Gulf Bank (FGB) – Online Media Experts: FGB, now part of First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), was known for its banking services, while “Online Media Experts” might refer to a specific context.

8. National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD): Now merged with FGB to form FAB, NBAD was a key UAE bank offering a wide spectrum of financial solutions.

9. JPMorgan Chase – UK: JPMorgan Chase, a global financial powerhouse, operates internationally, including the UK, providing diverse financial services.

10. Citibank UAE: Citibank provides various banking services in the UAE, catering to both individual and corporate clients.

11. Citi – France: Citibank operates internationally, including France, with a range of banking and financial products.

12. Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB): DIB is a significant Islamic bank in the UAE, specializing in Sharia-compliant banking and financial services.

13. China Construction Bank (DIFC Branch): China Construction Bank operates a branch in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), offering banking services and fostering Sino-Arab economic relations.

14. International Development Bank (IDB): IDB might refer to various banks globally, but it’s important to note that the context isn’t specific.

15. Amal Group: “Amal Group” might refer to a variety of businesses or organizations without further context.

16. ABN AMRO Bank: ABN AMRO is an international bank offering a range of financial services including retail, corporate, and private banking.

17. Hatstand: Hatstand is a global financial consultancy firm, potentially specializing in technology solutions for financial institutions.

18. RAKBANK: RAKBANK is a leading retail and business bank in the UAE, providing a wide array of financial products and services.

19. Freemont Corporate Services: Freemont Corporate Services could be a corporate services provider, assisting companies with incorporation, administration, and related services.

20. Picard Angst MEA Limited: The context of Picard Angst MEA Limited isn’t specified, but it might be related to financial services.

21. Banque Banorient France: “Banque Banorient” isn’t widely recognized, and the context is limited. It might be related to banking services in France.

22. Advanse – JPMorgan: “Advanse” isn’t well-known, but it seems to be associated with JPMorgan in some capacity.

23. Marcus Evans: Marcus Evans is a global business events and conference organizer, potentially related to finance and business.

24. Agricultural Bank of China: Agricultural Bank of China is a major Chinese bank that provides banking services, including corporate and retail banking.

25. Exsus Dubai: The context of “Exsus Dubai” isn’t clear, but “Exsus” could refer to a travel or luxury experience company.

26. Tanfeeth: is a service provider based in the United Arab Emirates. Established by the Dubai Government in 2011, Tanfeeth focuses on optimizing business processes and achieving cost savings, primarily for government entities and the private sector. The company assists clients across various industries in restructuring, accelerating, and enhancing the efficiency of their business processes. Tanfeeth aims to help its clients improve service delivery and gain a competitive edge by making their operational processes more effective.

27. Emirates NBD: One of the largest banks in the United Arab Emirates, Emirates NBD boasts a vast customer base. It offers a range of services, including personal and corporate banking, investment management, insurance, and retirement planning.

28. Dubai Islamic Bank: Operating in accordance with Islamic finance principles, this bank offers interest-free financial products. It provides customers with halal investment options that align with Islamic values.

29. Mashreq Bank: Another well-established Dubai bank, Mashreq specializes in commercial banking, investment services, and international transactions.

30. First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB): Although originally based in Abu Dhabi, this bank maintains a significant presence in Dubai. It provides customers with personal and corporate banking, wealth management, and investment services.


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