Standard Chartered Bank Dubai

Standard Chartered Bank Dubai Overview:

  • Foundation Date: Standard Chartered Bank started its operations in Dubai in the year 1958.
  • Locations: It has several branches and offices in Dubai. It holds a significant presence within the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).
  • Services: Standard Chartered Bank offers a wide range of financial services to both retail and corporate customers. These services include banking products, loans, investment advisory, trade finance, and more.
  • International Connections: Being an international bank, Standard Chartered operates in numerous countries worldwide. Therefore, its branches and offices in Dubai are also connected to the global financial network.

Standard Chartered Bank Contacts

Personal Banking 600 5222 88 (24-hour)
+971 600 5222 88 (24-hour) if calling from overseas
Priority Banking 800 4949 (24-hour)
+971 4 403 9639 (24-hour) if calling from overseas
Commercial Banking or Corporate & Institutional Banking Customers +971 4 509 6464
600 548 282 (local client service line)

Standard Chartered Bank Head Office on Dubai

Standard Chartered Tower Downtown Dubai
P.O Box 999 Dubai

Head Office on Map

Overview of Standard Chartered Bank Dubai

Founded in 1958, Standard Chartered Bank has established a strong presence in Dubai. With a significant foothold in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the bank plays a vital role in catering to both retail and corporate clients’ diverse financial needs.

Operating a network of branches and offices across Dubai, the bank serves both local and international clients. Through these branches, Standard Chartered Bank offers a range of financial products and services including investments, trade finance, payment processing, loans, and more.

Services and Areas of Expertise

Standard Chartered Bank, through its branches in Dubai, offers a wide array of services. For individual customers, it provides banking products such as savings accounts, credit cards, and personal loans. Furthermore, its investment advisory services assist clients in achieving their financial goals.

Catering to corporate clients, the bank offers services like trade finance, corporate loans, foreign exchange transactions, and international payments. Leveraging its global network, Standard Chartered Bank aids businesses in meeting their international trade requirements effectively.

International Connections and Future Vision

Renowned as an international bank with a presence in numerous countries, Standard Chartered Bank emphasizes Dubai’s role as a significant financial hub in the Middle East. Dubai’s global financial importance is underscored by the bank’s operations in the region.

Staying abreast of technological advancements, the bank is enhancing its digital banking services to provide faster and more efficient customer experiences. Simultaneously, it engages in projects focused on sustainability and social responsibility, aiming to contribute to a more sustainable financial system in the future.

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