ICBC Dubai


Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Dubai (DIFC) Branch
Address: 5&6 Floor, Gate Village 01, DIFC, Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971-4-7031111
Fax: +971-4-7031199
P.O. Box: 506856

General information

  • Organization name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Dubai (DIFC) Branch
  • Organization status: Operating organization
  • Address: No.55 FuXingMenNei Street Xicheng District Beijing, China, 100140
  • Site:

ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) is a state-owned financial institution and is considered one of the largest banks in the world by total assets. Headquartered in Beijing, China, ICBC offers a comprehensive range of financial services, including retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking, asset management, and more.

Given ICBC’s international reach, it’s possible that they have established a presence in Dubai, a major financial and economic hub in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai’s strategic location and business-friendly environment make it an attractive destination for global banks to set up operations. If ICBC has a branch or subsidiary in Dubai, it would likely cater to both individual customers and businesses, offering services such as:

  1. Retail Banking: Providing personal banking services such as savings accounts, checking accounts, credit cards, and personal loans to residents in Dubai.
  2. Corporate Banking: Assisting businesses with various financial needs, including trade finance, working capital solutions, foreign exchange services, and more.
  3. Investment Banking: Offering investment advisory, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory, and other investment-related services to corporations and high-net-worth individuals.
  4. Trade Finance: Facilitating international trade by offering letters of credit, trade guarantees, and other trade-related financial products.
  5. Wealth Management: Providing investment products, portfolio management, and financial planning services to help clients grow and manage their wealth.
  6. Foreign Exchange Services: Assisting clients with currency exchange and related financial instruments.
  7. Treasury Services: Offering treasury and cash management solutions for businesses to efficiently manage their finances.
  8. Cross-Border Banking: Facilitating financial transactions between China and Dubai/UAE, given ICBC’s origins in China.

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